What is Development Atelier?

Our vision

Development Atelier is a boutique company focused on creating customer solutions via performance, training, consulting, coaching and other important tools.

We enjoy to create new solutions for our clients. We work in a free environment without set borders because we believe the further development should not be limited by any borders.

We desire to create an environment where clients can share and discuss their needs and take an active part in creating the perfect solution together with us. We perceive every client as our partner and respected friend. We exist to serve our clients.

We have fun in fully utilizing our talents in every project we work on. Together we create a strong community of professionals who bring added value to everything we do. We enjoy being creative because we know it brings happiness to both – us and the client. We do believe that your success is our success as well.

We fully respect our client’s wishes and therefore we are not going to push you into products or processes you really do not want or need.

But we can definitely help you with our ability to see your company from a broader perspective above, without prejudices. As a result we can detect, identify and name your needs and subsequently choose the right tools for you to achieve the desired changes in your company.

History and presence

In the present time we have two branch offices – one in the Slovak Republic and one in the Czech Republic. In the Slovak Republic we operate as an exclusive partner of Krauthammer and in the Czech Republic we are on the market as a non exclusive partner (the second one is a Krauthammer franchise).

We consider the Krauthammer know how to be a powerful tool, and therefore we are able to implement and deliver it as one part of our own know how in creating solutions. We also cooperate with many other great partners in this market. We are fully committed to find the best option for you and thereupon to design the solution perfectly fitting to you and your needs.

Development Atelier is an independent association of individuals who believe and strive for the growth and freedom in their own development as well as the development of all partners involved. Each of us is actively building his own projects and together we build a strong team. We love our work and we also believe in the synergy and team's learning nature (1+1=3).

Development Atelier was established by group of founders who work as partners and also with variety of other partners and subcontractors. We allocate the right professionals for your project to meet your needs and achieve your goals.